Dog Day-care & Dog walking

Fun packed structured sessions focusing on exercise, socialisation & enrichment.

Our values

Specializing in doggy day-care our sole focus is on our structured sessions which engage and fulfil your dog’s body & brain. No enclosed fields for us! We offer a countryside walking adventure after which there’s plenty of time for a wash n dry and lots of socializing, enrichment & cuddles at our basecamps. Our family run doggy day-care promises to treat your dog with empathy, care and respect. Our amazing team ensures sessions are packed full of love, fun and plenty of affection. We post natural photos and videos daily of our dogs having fun with their well socialised peers.

Excellence Throughout

Fully insured & CRB Checked we hold a top-rated 5 star doggy day-care licence and the coveted Three Best Rated Dog Walker award.


About Us

As sisters with a passion for dogs and caring for their wellbeing and health we established Go Out Paws in 2015 as we saw a need for dogs to have a more rounded experience than just a walk to encourage confidence, development and wellbeing. We were the first company to offer our bespoke structured session service which has proved to be very successful. Our homes and gardens have been specially adapted to accommodate our day-care and home boarding dogs. We can accommodate tiny puppies through to OAPs as we have plenty of options from a fast-paced action-packed walk to a steady ramble with lots of sniffing opportunities. Our dedicated team ensure your dog has an amazing and fulfilling time and returns home tired, content and ready for a snooze.

Whats in a walk?

Walking exercises the mind and the body. Exploring new scents, paths, woods, pools, streams, and open space and playing with their friends is brilliant for mental and physical stimulation which isn’t possible in a fenced area. Our ‘adventure’ dog walks guarantee 1 hour of fun, but we often spend longer if there’s plenty of sniffing to be done.

Our Basecamps

Our basecamps are safely equipped with cosy indoor areas with comfy beds. We also provide warm wash stations, professional dog dryer stations, toys and enrichment equipment. After a nice wash, we provide drying gowns to ensure your pooch is warm whilst they play in our secure play areas. Our gardens are well maintained and we have double gated doors for dog safety. Your dog will also be rewarded with plenty of healthy treats.

Our Daycare


What sets us apart is our amazing walks & session structure. We offer a half or full day daycare service. We collect your dog & take them into the countryside for an action packed walking adventure. After, it's back to base for a warm shower & blow dry. We use a fluffy ruff & tumble drying gown to get them extra cosy. Lastly its time for a play, cuddles, socialising and enrichment before return home for a well deserved snooze.

Enrichment & Socialisation

“Every dog loves a job”. We use enrichment to help enhance your dog’s mental state which helps them to thrive. Whilst your dog is with us they will gain development through our walks and socialising but we enhance this experience with various challenging activities to encourage problem solving and learning new skills. This helps to boost their confidence and exercise their brains.

Doggy Safety

Our team have been fully first aid trained. Dogs wear a GOP tag and a short biothane trail line so we can gain control really quickly. Vans are professionally crated, air conditioned and kitted out with winter tyres in the autumn. As we walk the dogs and don’t use enclosed fields the ratio of dogs is never more than 6 per staff member.​

Ruff And Tumble

We even supply all our furies with lovely soft Ruff & Tumble drying coat to extra cosy and dry before they are returned home.

Reward Based Training

Sessions are fun and informal. Reward based training is used to encourage good manners, recall, sit, wait, appropriate play and behaviour suitable for a group situation. The older well socialised dogs are the best teachers in the world when it comes to the youngsters learning pack etiquette.

Go Out Paws Services

Puppy Club

Claire's team caters for pups from when they're fully vaccinated.

This is an absolute fantastic chance for your puppy to be immersed in new experiences and learn from their well socialised peers.

This helps them to become well-adjusted, confident members of the local doggy community.

Many pooches stay with Claire as they love her so much.


Big Pup Club

Lisa and her team cater for adult/juvenile dogs and those graduating from puppy club.

Dogs are grouped into like-minded teams so they can have an action-packed walk with Lisa or a steady calmer walk with Angie.

Great for socialising your dog, we have a huge array of personalities so dogs can join in the play at base camp or chill in our log cabin and have a cuddle.

Special doggies walk pic

Special Doggies Club

Twice a week we run a special walk for dogs lacking in confidence or for whom a lively pack walk may be overwhelming. A small pack is great for building esteem and confidence. These dogs often graduate to the main sessions.

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Holiday Club

Home from home boarding is available for any of our regular day-care dogs.

Our guests join in the day-to-day activities with the day care dogs and are welcomed into our homes for their evenings and weekends.

We ensure that they have plenty of outings, so you can rest assured your dog is having a lovely time whilst you are away.

Meet the team

We are a hard working close knit team who love what we do. Our team is very well trained in our practices but we also like to have fun and the dogs love it just as much as we do.









Prices & Plans

We recommend that your pooch is booked in for regular days as this gives them the opportunity to form strong bonds and friendships with their peers. We encourage new pooches to bring their owners along to spend a session with us. Here we can get to know you both and assess to make sure our service is the best environment for your pooch.

Half Day Care



Per session

Full Day Care


Per session

Home Boarding


24 Hours

Our Area

We cover south west Coventry, Balsall Common, Kenilworth & Leek Wooton

go outpaws

Lisa's Basecamp


Go Out Paws, Tile Hill Coventry


Claire's Basecamp


Butt Lane, Allesley Coventry


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Frequently Asked Questions

For most general queries and questions, you can find the answer in the FAQs. For any query beyond this list, please contact us using the link below.

Our dog walks are carefully planned to avoid traffic, livestock and hazards. All dogs are equipped with a Go Out Paws tag. Our basecamps are double gated and have secure fencing. All equipment is regularly checked for defects. We are fully canine first aid trained and carry first aid kits in case any dogs is injured whilst in our care. We do not take on aggressive or reactive dogs and always meet owners with their dogs for a trial session to assess if they are suitable before joining our pack

Clients are invoiced at the end of each month and payment is required to be paid within 14 days via bank transfer or cash.

We have really good knowledge of dog training and canine communication and have attended several training courses including a dog whispering residential course. We are always more than happy to advise owners on basic training free of charge.  We work very closely with an amazing dog training professional with many years of experience who we refer dogs onto for complicated issues such as separation anxiety if required.

Our vans are fully and professionally crated and have air conditioning. Professional crating is really important as in the event of a rear end shunt it strengthens the vehicle structure and the crates have internal escape doors. We always switch to winter tyres in the cold months so that in the event of snow and ice we can keep your dog safe.

We are fully insured. Our insurance covers injury to dogs in our care due to negligence, key and alarm insurance and extensive public liability insurance.

Claire, Lisa & Angie who hold keys to properties are all fully CRB checked.

We are fully licenced and inspected by Coventry City Council and have been awarded a 5 Star licence which is the highest award available. All dog boarders and any business where the dogs spend time at the care givers premises must by law be licenced. Licenced premises must maintain extremely high standards of care in line with strict animal welfare guidelines. Licenced premises are subject to regular spot checks and inspections by the animal welfare officers employed by local councils.

We take puppies from as soon as they are fully vaccinated. This is normally around 12 weeks old. Pups who join us from such a young age do fantastically well and turn into very confident sociable dogs.

We have access to a lovely secure woodland and paddock which we use in the event of staff illness or holiday.  Check out the video on Youtube.

We cover South West Coventry, Kenilworth and Balsall Common.

In line with our insurance and licence guidelines we walk up to 6 dogs per walker.

We vary the walks to keep the dogs engaged with new smells. Walks take place in Allesley, Meridan,  Kenilworth, Leek Wooton,  Cryfield Grange, Berkswell & Hampton in Arden.

Length of walks vary based on your dog’s age and energy levels.  Claire’s puppy club walks are much shorter in distance but not in time. This gives the puppies lots of sniffing and playing time and enables them to regulate their own exercise. Lisa’s walks are fast-paced and around 3 miles targeted at high energy dogs, whilst Angie’s walks are slightly shorter, aimed at the dogs which may not need to walk as far but like to spend time sniffing and playing.

Go Out Paws Neutering Policy

Male Dogs

Deciding when to neuter a male dog can be very difficult as there are many different views and opinions especially on the social media sites.

While we support neutering as standard for dogs that regularly interact with other dogs we don’t have a policy stating at which age a dog must be neutered.  The point at which a dog attending day-care needs to be neutered depends on a multitude of thing, we always make recommendations  based on the individual dog and the behaviours that they are demonstrating.

At around 6 – 8 months we generally start to see a change in the behaviour of male dogs as the testosterone levels rise and their true personality get swamped with hormones. We generally start to see humping, guarding, fixation on other dogs (normally the weakest in the pack), dominance behaviour, higher stress levels, aggressive play and a regression in recall on our walks. This behaviour really upsets the unity and harmony of the pack and is not fair on the other dogs or the dog himself. 

These changes in behaviour often first become evident in a day-care situation where an intact dog can become highly aroused. It may come as a shock to the owner when we first mention these behaviours as they may not be experiencing them at home where the dog is not surrounded by other dogs and activity. However owners normally start to experience these behaviours as the dogs hormone levels increase.

We except unneutered dogs if they are NOT showing the following behaviours which include excessive humping, dominance, guarding, fixating, aggression, poor recall and they are NOT causing disharmony  in the group or getting unwanted attention from other dogs .

Once your pup is around 6 months we keep a closer eye on them and log any behaviours listed above and follow the procedure below.

Stage 1 – The dog is starting to show occasional examples of the behaviours listed above we let you know that now may be the time to speak to your vet about neutering.

Stage 2 –  The dog is frequently showing behaviours listed above and is causing disharmony and disruption in the pack but it is still manageable we may recommended that where possible your dog just comes on our walks where there are more distractions but is dropped home without attending social time until he is neutered.

Stage 3 – The dog is consistently showing the behaviours listed above and posing a risk to themselves and other dogs the dog will no longer be able to attend Go Out Paws.

Dogs can progress from stage 1 to 3 very quickly so it’s a good Idea for the owner to take action before the negative behaviours become learned and entrenched. It is important that the owner lets the vet know that the dog attends a social day-care and makes the vet aware of the behaviours the unneutered dog is exhibiting.

A good vet should take the behaviours into account and not work on an arbitrary age. Otherwise you may need to find a vet who  will understand the implications of your dog not being able to socialise and negative behaviours becoming entrenched, which may out way the benefits of waiting till the dog is a certain age.

Female Dogs

With female dogs it is generally recommended  they are spayed after their first season or once they are at least 6 months old. Un-spayed dogs are fine to attend but owners will need to keep them at home during their seasons which last around 2 to 3 weeks. We do not charge for the first season but subsequent absences through seasons will be charged at 50%.


TERMS & CONDITIONS (“the contract”)

  1.  By a) enrolling a dog with or b) permitting a dog to attend or c) accepting the Services of  Go Out Paws and its staff, the Client is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. 
  2.  Client must provide ID tag attached to collar or harness and ensure that their dog cannot slip collar or harness.
  3. Go Out Paws will supply each dog with a tag with our contact details. This tag must be attached to dog’s collar when attending Go Out Paws. Clients must inform Go Out Paws should tag be lost replacement tags will be charged at £2.50 per tag.
  4.  The Client gives permission to walk their dog/s off the lead once Go Out Paws staff feel that it is safe for dogs to do so. Clients must inform Go Out Paws should they have any issues with this condition.
  5. Dogs may be walked on long lines if Go Out Paws feel that it is safer for dogs to do so.
  6.  The Client agrees to ensure that their dog/s will be kept up to date on all vaccinations including kennel cough, de-worming and de-fleaing and provide proof of vaccination to Go Out Paws via photo or email within one week of vaccinations
  7. Should several dogs become infected by an infectious disease we reserve the right to suspend all sessions on veterinary advice for the protection of the pack until the risk of infection has passed.
  8. In the event of an emergency Go Out Paws shall contact the owner at the numbers provided to confirm the owner’s choice of action. If the owner or emergency cannot be reached Go Out Paws is authorized to:
  • Administer basic first aid
  • Transport the dog to vet
  • Request on site treatment from a vet
  • If the client cannot be reached in case of an emergency Go Out Paws shall act on behalf of client to authorise any treatment excluding euthanasia. The client excepts full responsibility upon their return to settle any costs incurred through veterinary services rendered.
  1. We work closely with clients regards neutering. As every dog is different we do not have a set age for neutering. Please see our neutering policy in the FAC tab which form part of our terms and conditions.
  2. Go Out Paws will always endeavour to maintain our service. Should we be unable to do so due to extreme weather conditions or vehicle breakdown you will be informed via text as soon as possible.
  3.  Go Out Paws do not ask owners to sign up to a minimum contract. Owners are free to withdraw their dog from our services at anytime if for any reason they need to.
  4.  Cancellation Fees

Less than 2 weeks’ notice – 50% of std charge

Less than 24 hours – Full Charge

Term time dogs will be charged a retainer of 50% of normal charge to retain their space throughout school holidays unless otherwise agreed with Go Out Paws

We allow up to 2 weeks holiday at no charge, any more than this will be subject to a 50% retainer fee.

  1. Full payment for services (agreed either at time of booking or subsequently) is to be made within 14 days of receipt of invoice. The preferred method of payment is collection by Direct Debit. Bank transfer or cash.
  2.  The Client is advised to notify his/her insurers of the day care arrangement in order to be covered under the pertinent insurance policies.
  3.  The Client’s dog may be transported with other dogs in a Go Out Paws Van or travel in a member of our staffs vehicle. The Client agrees that Go Out Paws cannot be held liable for death or injury to their dog in the event of a motor vehicle accident.
  4.  Go Out Paws may hold in possession the keys to the Client’s home and the Client is responsible for making arrangements with its own insurers with this regard. 
  5.  By enrolling the dog with Go Out Paws the client has explicitly confirmed that their dog has no record of aggressive or anti-social behaviour and that their dog has not been banned by another dog care company or has any characteristics or traits that might make their dog unsuitable for socialising with other dogs. 
  6.  Should the Client’s dog be deemed to be unsuitable by Go Out Paws, We reserve the right to cancel the booking indefinitely, with immediate effect. 
  7.  Go Out Paws is closed on bank holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year unless otherwise stated by email.
  8.  The Client gives consent for their dog’s image to be used in photo or video format on Go Out Paws promotional material and social media or in any format that Go Out Paws considers appropriate.
  9. Go Out Paws will not share a clients data with any third party. Details that are kept on our mailing system are data compliant. All hard copies of the forms and vaccination history are destroyed and an electronic copy is kept which is well protected. 
  10. Should a member of staff become ill or take annual leave and the ratio of the dogs to walkers becomes unsafe to walk, the dogs will be taken to a secure paddock for their exercise.

23.       This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes and extinguishes all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between them, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.

© Go OutPaws Coventry Ltd 2024. All Rights Reserved